Wafers Farma Decor staff

The company

In a space between the classical decoration and the brand new innovations and trends, always supported by a constant investment in technology, according to the legal regulations, WFD guarantees a high quality in all its products, as leader company in decorations for cakes, sweets and desserts for pastry shop, ice cream and bakery.

But what is it that our customers really like about us?

NEW IDEAS: Every year dozens of brand new products in our catalogues.
EASY BROWSABLE CATALOGUES: WFD catalogues are filled with categories of products that want to be helpful for our customers and to satisfy every request from the professionals that work in this industry.
QUALITY SERVICE: The quick service in shipping all the supplies stands at the bottom of our success.

Some history

WFD is born at the beginning of the 50’ as Pietro Buzzi, the first italian factory of hosts and cachets.
In the 1990 his sons created the Wafers Farma Decor Corporation that follows and expand the footsteps of their father’s activity becoming the today’s reference company in Italy for pastry decoration.
During the years our experience and our neverending research in our trade has allowed us to develop and produce lots of quality products and supplies, all brand new and innovative, along the traditional hosts decorations and wafer disks.
As we expected, such a dynamic and in-search-of-new-ideas trade like this one, has allowed us to grow and to earn the trust of a large number of customers, that grows everyday.